Help on how to create the correct activity schedule

More information on how to setup your activities through our scheduling


    • Set your activities to take place daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
    • For weekly, bi-weekly and monthly you will need to select the DAYS you want your activity to take place on.


    • set the dates from when you want your activities to start from the frequency you have selected.


Take a look through some examples:


Example 1

  • My activity takes place from Mon-Thurs for 1 week


Example 2

  • My activity takes place from Mon-Thurs for 3 weeks back to back

ℹī¸ Your series dates should span over the three weeks that your camp is available, Fri - Sundays won't appear as they aren't selected on the days of the frequency.


Example 3

  • My activity takes place everyday for a week


Example 4

  • My activities take place in the morning and afternoon from Mon-Weds for 3 weeks

Then press 👇

ℹī¸ Remember if you only have selected Mon-Wednesday on the days only those days will appear