How do I access my organisations Activities Dashboard?

View a snapshot of your Networks activity and bookings information via the activities dashboard

Find your Activities Dashboard just below your network's title information and logo 👇

You have 2 types of reports you can view from the Activities Dashboard, this will include information from ALL of the activity providers (communities) inside of your network:

  1. Activities
  2. Bookings

We've written some useful guidance below on the information you can view from here. You can also download the data to excel.


The Activities Dashboard

If you're running lots of activities the activities dashboard gives you a overview of your activity information;  you can view information on total places at the activity, total places that are booked, total spaces available as well as the number of cancellations.

You can filter the activities you are viewing by:

  • Date
  • Session Organiser Name
  •  Activity type (in-person, live stream)
  • Then the final filter is a sort which gives you lots of options on the order view of your activities.


The Bookings Dashboard

The bookings dashboard gives you an overview of your booking information;  you can view information on the participants name, the date and time at which they completed their booking, their status (Booked or Attended) and finally any additional equipment they may have booked. 

Firstly, you can filter the bookings you are viewing by:

  • Time frame
  • Sort by activity or booking date
  • The final filter is a sort by which gives you lots of options on the order of your bookings

If you have participants calling you to check their bookings, using the booking dashboard is the quickest way to find their booking and locate the activity information.