How to create and manage your add-ons for your holiday activities

Optional items that can be booked or purchased by participants as part of your activities.

You can make additional items available for your participants to hire or purchase when they are booking your holiday activity.


For example this could be:

🌮🍎 A lunch box

🕕⌛ An early/late pick up slot


🏑🚲🏸 A piece of sporting equipment


You can make these Add-ons FREE or choose to take an additional payment for them as part of the booking.


All you need to do is appropriately name your Add-on and attach a cost (if necessary). You will also need to specify if you have a limited number of units for your add-on. For example if you have 12 tennis rackets you will set the limit as "12" in order to prevent overbooking.


ℹī¸ You can just take payments for Add-Ons, so your session can be FREE to attend but if they need to book a piece of equipment they can pay to book it for that session.

ℹī¸ Tiered pricing is also available on add-ons find out more here.