How to manage Access Requests

This article will show you how to turn on and manage the access request feature.

The access request feature is an exciting feature that allows you to make sure only the users you want, join your community. When users join, they will get a notification saying they will need approval before becoming members of the community. 

The article will go through how to turn on 'Access Requests' and manage users that apply to join your community. 

Locate and turn on the setting

  1. Go to the community settings 
  2. Click security settings 
  3. Tick 'Requests to join your community require an administrator to approve them'
  4. Choose who will receive notifications about new users applying for the community 

Handle Access Requests

 There are two ways to handle access requests:

  1.  Go to the home page, and you will see a blue ribbon displaying access requests 
  2. Through the member section: 
    1. Go to the member section 
    2. Click the settings cog 
    3. Click Access Requests 

The options past both these points are the same.

  1. Choose from the following options:
    1. Accept 
    2. Reject and Notify - This will send a feed post and email to them.
    3. Reject 

Video Version: 

Here is a visual guide on how to do the above: 

HubSpot Video

Well done, you have successfully turned on and worked with 'Access Requests'!