How to manage discounted pricing for your holiday activities

This is relevant for activity providers that are taking paid and free places for their holiday activities.

Use discounted pricing on your holiday activities to reduce the costs of your sessions, add-ons and bundles for your participants. Our tiered pricing works hand-in-hand with our Groups feature, you must have a Group set up to use additional prices or multiple Groups to have multiple additional prices.


We have two types of Groups on Playwaze:

1) Smart groups are automatically populated with your members using rules that you can set. 

2) Manual groups managed by you, allow full control over who you want in the group. 


When you are in the create flow for your holiday activity you will see the option to add 'Additional Prices', this is where you can select the Groups of your members you'd like to set a discount for.


👉 You'll be able to name your tiered price and set the cost of your discount for the selected Group of participants.

👉 Once your members/participants enter information that make them eligible to be in the group they will have access to your tiered price, if not they will pay the standard price you have set for your activity, add-on or bundle.


ℹī¸ If you are a Holiday Activity Provider in Cornwall we have included the following Groups for you so no additional setup needs to be done, you will simply be able to select them from your tiered pricing drop down list.