Patch Notes

Here, you'll find a breakdown of the most recent changes we've made to our platform.


22nd May 2023:

  • Competitions plus settings have moved out of your Community Settings, and can be found on the admin bar or behind the three dots.
  • We've revamped Network & Community edit pages so we hope you like the new designs!
9th May 2023:
  • Forms data project released - giving administrators the ability to build custom Forms on Playwaze.

25th  April 2023:

  • New community edit display for brand new communities, existing communities will be updated soon

18th April 2023:

  • We've added provider contact details to all of the activities pages to encourage participants to get in touch with the provider with queries about their sessions.

7th March 2023:

  • We've made some improvements to our competition sign up pages for when participants enter themselves or teams into Tournaments and Leagues.

20th February 2023:

  • We released a new feature! Take a look at our new Community Calendar Widget, find out more here.
  • We've integrated with Squash Levels to send data on the following:
                 - player league, ladder and tournament data
                 - team league and tournament with scorecard information
  • We've slightly re-ordered our Booking Confirmation updates, to make managing bookings slightly easier for participants as well as locating contact details.

6th February 2023:

  • We've updated the look of your My Account section!
  • New quick button links for Play, Organise and Search on web can be found in the header bar. On your phone these can all be found in the burger menu on the top right.
  • You can now connect/create a Merchant account while you're creating your activities. This will mainly be relevant for those onboarding for the first time and would like to collect payments for activity bookings.

16th January 2023:

  • For those of you that use our Activities feature you can now archive old activities, find out more about how here.
  • Administrators can now view extra data (setup dependant) in the App from their members profiles.

11th January 2023:

  • New Year New Playwaze Home 🏡 We've released the new Playwaze homepage, so if you've logged back in we may look a little different to before
  • 🔐 We've updated our Privacy Settings in your Community, find out more here.
  • There has been a speed upgrade to our Analytics Dashboard, statistics, graphs and tables will be now loading at lightning speeds. 🏎️

21st December 2022:

  • Re- auto-fixture generation (AFG) per league division - we've re-introduced the ability to re-AFG a specific division in your League.
  • NEW! Standard Activities - a slimmed down version of our activities feature that's completely free!
  • Community Create - we've made some updates to how you create communities within the platform.

6th December 2022:

  • Web view improvements to Activity Registers for tracking attendance on phone and web

22nd November 2022:

  • Quick links to Stripe in your payments dashboard - you can now go directly to your payment
  • Want to remove a day from a series you've created, as well as cancelling you can now remove a session from your series.
  • Activities Filter on homepage
  • We've updated the Booking flow and how you select the account you'd like to book for, making it easier to select your child accounts

14th November 2022:

  • We've changed the first step of the booking flow on joining activities and Communities. This is to make it easier for those who are using linked accounts and booking on behalf of another user.

8th November 2022:

  • We've made some enhancements to the Payments Dashboard.

1st November 2022:

  • We've now added logging of the date and time a user cancels an activity, view this in the Activities Dashboard, Activity Register and also in the export from the Reporting page.

25th October 2022:

  • We've upgraded the look of the communities About Us page, update your community details to update your information.
  • Activities create has had a text review, giving administrators some more information about settings.
  • We've updated the warning message on disputing/approving a team sheet