Playwaze Analytics

Understand, analyse and report on your Playwaze data

Using Playwaze Analytics you can discover, interpret and communicate significant patterns in your data. Quite simply, Playwaze Analytics helps you view insights and meaningful data through our simple to use Dashboard.

There are 5 areas in Playwaze that are linked up to our Analytics dashboard:
        1. Members
        2. Bookings
        3. Memberships
        4. Teams
        5. Individual Challenges 

These displays allow you to view your data in a variety of formats, for example, depending on the data being captured you will be able to view

    • 📈 timelines - tracking an action over time, so in the Bookings view you'll see a booking actions timeline.
    • :pie: pie charts - breaking down your data into percentages, this is the default display for all your data fields and will show you a percentage breakdown of each field you are collecting.
    • 📊 bar graphs - to view and compare values alongside each other, this is the second option on your data fields to view your data in an alternative graph

All displays are filterable and you can download all of your views as images or to an excel for further interrogation.