Accessing the reporting data of your holiday activities

Download all your Holiday Activities data from Playwaze into an excel report to get all the information you need on your attendees!

Before you can access your reports you'll need to make sure the Reporting feature it's switched on in your Holiday Activity Community. You can turn it on from the Settings menu by clicking 'Select Features'.


It'll look a little something like this 👇


The reporting section includes a breakdown of all the information stored in your Community.

👥You have access to a full members report, which will give you a full list of everyone that has engaged in your Community on Playwaze.

✅ The reporting dashboard also includes two reports for your activities an Activities attending report (participants who have confirmed they are attending a session) and an Activities went report (where an administrator or session organiser has confirmed the participants attendance at an activity).

📄 There is also the opportunity to build your own Custom Reports by using our Groups feature which you can find more information about here.


Useful hints and tips:

ℹ️ Only administrators of your community can view the reporting dashboard!

ℹ️ The date filters in the reporting section only filter the information you see in your Playwaze dashboard it does not filter the excel report that you download from the system.

ℹ️ Want some help with filtering your excel, here's a quick link to some excel tricks.