What is MyPlay?

Explore and learn more about MyPlay

We have introduced a better way of accessing the things that matter to you on Playwaze 💻


Your Feed

▶️ The scrollable feed contains all of your notifications. This could be anything from a newsfeed post from your community administrator to a reminder to update your availability for your upcoming fixture or session.


Your Communities

👬 This is a new way to view all the communities you are a member of. You can still use Playwaze Search to find any new communities that you want to join.


Your Favourites

🎉 You can now favourite a number of features including leagues, teams, activities and more. If you see a star icon ⭐ you can favourite that feature and it will appear in your MyPlay favourites.


Your Diary

📅 View all your upcoming activities without having to click into your communities!