What is the Courses feature?

Manage and take bookings for your courses, communicate with attendees, award qualifications, and segment and engage your workforce.


📰 Host and manage all your courses and workshops online

Create and manage your courses, workshops, and other development opportunities, ready to take bookings and payments.

🔖 Take bookings, manage capacity, and communicate with attendees

Take instant bookings online and via the app, and use Playwaze to publish your course publicly to reach more people via connected activity finders. Set a maximum number of spaces to manage capacity, and communicate with attendees up until and after the course.

📜 Award your qualifications, track on profiles and segment your workforce by qualification

On completion of a course, select successful attendees and mark them as passed. Playwaze will automatically allocate them the earned qualification(s). Segment and engage your workforce by qualification, for example to promote new development opportunities to the suitable members of your workforce.