Community Privacy Settings

Public, Password and Request Access privacy

There are four privacy options to choose between for your community on Playwaze. This will give you. greater control over who can join your community and what permissions they need.



Your community will be public and anyone will be able to join. They won't need to request to join or enter a password.


You will set a password that people will need to enter to become a member of your community.

⚠️ Make sure to let new members know that they will need to use a password to join and what it is.


Request Access

People will have to submit a join request before they can become a member of your community.

They can add a message to their join request to provide you with further information and context for why they want to join the community. This can be viewed by all community admins in the Manage Members section.

⚠️ Admins will need to monitor access requests and accept participants. People won't be able to book your activities or join competitions until they have been accepted.


Password Or Request Access

When people view your community, both options will appear. They can either enter the password to join the community immediately, or they can submit a join request.


📌 Don't forget you can manage all your members from the Members section