How do I manage my subscription?

Managing your playwaze subscription and usage.

Manage your subscriptions from the Features page in your Community settings. You can get here from your community, go to the blue settings cog button on the right hand side and click Select features where you’re then able to manage your subscriptions.

It's really simple just select the features you'd like to pay for, turn off the ones you want to cancel and simply 'Update Subscription'.


👨‍🔧 Use the Edit to update a current subscription, you can either unsubscribe or you can change your payments from monthly to annual.


➕ Select the green Add to Plan button on the feature you'd like to pay for, chose your plan payments occurrence (Monthly or Annual) and this will then appear in your Plan Summary.


🔶 If you are adding to your subscription and are ready to pay head to your community Plan Summary (subscribing to then Check Out)


ℹ️ Try the free version of our features first! Then use the features page to upgrade once you know you want unlimited access.