Ladder Challenges

Climb the ranks in a ladder using challenges. Try and climb too far and you might end up at the bottom!


Are you joining a ladder on Playwaze or have you already signed up?


When you join a ladder there are two ways in which you can climb:

- Challenges

- Free Challenges



during the creation of the ladder your organiser has set the number of places a participant can challenge above them. This determines who you can play, if the number of challenge places is 2 and you sit in 6th you can only challenge 5th or 4th place in the ladder to climb. 


Free Challenges:

Free challenges are offered by your organiser and give new entrants the option to challenge any position in the ladder. So now you really have a dilemma 😅, Challenge for the top spot and leave it all on the line with your Free Challenge❓ or make a safer play for the middle positions❓