How do I add a Merchant?

First things first you need to activate your stripe account!

  1. From the community homepage, click Payments.
  2. Open the Manage Payment Receivers  Under Merchants your name will display.
  3. Next to your name, click Start Collecting PaymentsThis will redirect you to the Stripe website, where the Playwaze logo will display.
  4. From here, provide the required information by filling out the form displayed in front of you.
  5. Once complete, click Authorise Access to this Account and you will be redirected back to the Playwaze website.
  6. Check your account is set to Activated, then you're ready to go!

ℹ️ a two step authentication process is required within Stripe to ensure your account is fully secure and can only be accessed by yourself.


⚠️ Having trouble with the above? You may need the Community Owner to update your Security Settings to grant you access to become a payment receiver.