Playwaze Release Notes: February 2024

Functionality Changes 🆕

Check out a selection of the recent system adjustments, part of our continuous effort to enhance user-friendliness!


Memberships Refactor 

We have refactored and enhanced our membership feature. Please see some of the improvements below:

- Introduced a membership dashboard for admins, providing comprehensive insights into membership activity.




- Membership history is now accessible for both users and admins, allowing for easy tracking of membership changes.

- Added functionality to manage payment methods for recurring subscriptions, offering users more control over their memberships via Playwaze.

- Improved membership promotion features to streamline the process of encouraging membership sign-ups.



- Updated email communication to enhance user experience and ensure clarity in membership-related communications.


New Venue Types 


Expanded venue type options when creating and listing venues on Playwaze, providing users with more flexibility and accuracy in defining venue characteristics.


Resolved Issues 🔧

Some of our recent fixes are detailed below, if there's anything we haven't noted feel free to reach out via email to 


Custom Reporting Groups 


Addressed an issue where custom reporting groups were not refreshing correctly upon surpassing a certain size. The fix ensures that members of reporting groups update correctly upon refresh.


Community Listing 


Fixed an issue where the community listing on search failed to load more than the first six results for what's on within this community. All results are now loading properly, providing comprehensive visibility into community offerings.