Playwaze Release Notes: April 2024

Functionality Changes πŸ†•

Check out a selection of the recent system improvements, part of our continuous effort to enhance user-friendliness!

  • A new look for you: Elevated website design, simplified admin navigation, and enhanced mobile user experience.

    Users will find it simpler to get around with our neat interface.

  • Providers start strong with Playwaze πŸ’ͺ:  If you're new here, we've re imagined your introduction. With our new creation flow we'll make sure your business looks great. Just share a few details, and we'll handle the rest! 

    Keep an eye out for the I'm a provider button to understand moreπŸ‘‡

Resolved Issues πŸ”§

Some of our recent fixes are detailed below, this might get a little techie!

  • Missing names in membership data: Members who have deleted their accounts after purchasing a membership will no longer appear missing. This ensures more accurate and informative data.

  • Embedded views requesting login: Sharing your content beyond via a link or on your website? We mistakenly asked users to log in. Your users can now again have unrestricted views of what your have on.

  • League edit improvements: Admins have the ability to turn on a fixture void even after a league has started, sometimes you miss things! We've added this to the edit giving you greater flexibility when managing your competitions. 

Fixes enhance the overall user experience and provide more efficient functionality within Playwaze. If there are any further concerns or feedback, you can always reach out to