Taking singular payments from your participants?

The payments manager page is the easiest way to collect singular payments from specific members

Head to your Payments Manager section to be able to manage taking singular payments from your participants.

You will easily be able to locate their name from your members list and request the desired amount from them.

Always helpful to leave a comment to let the participant know what you're requesting the money for.


ℹ️ If you request £30, this amount will be placed against that member in the payments manager list. The member will receive an email/app notification alerting them they have a payment due. When the member has paid, this will be clear in the payments manager list. The payment manager list is ordered so that the members owing the most amount of money are at the top.


⚠️ Payment gates always require a members balance to be zero. Therefore, to signup to a paid session for example, members cannot have any outstanding balance against their account, or they'll be refused entry to the signup.