Using QR codes on Activities to track attendance

Participants can move from booked to attended with a quick scan of the session QR Code

There are two ways of using QR codes to track attendance:

  1. Participants scan QR code

The first method uses one central QR code which participants scan when they arrive at your session. They scan the code and our system automatically marks them as having attended the session. 

If you choose this option, you will be able to see this QR code in the session’s page after you have finished creating it.

  1. Organiser scans QR code

The second method is similar to a ticket system. Each participant has a QR code which they present upon arrival at your session. When the organiser scans this code it will mark the participant as having attended the session.

If you choose this option, the QR codes will automatically be sent to participants via email. They will also be able to see it as a post in their feed within Playwaze.

You can also set permissions for who can scan the codes in your settings. For example, you could make it so that admins and organisers of a session can scan a participant’s code.


We recommend you're already logged in on your device before you start scanning!


You can currently use QR codes for both one-off and repeating sessions, but you cannot use them for blocks.



How do organisers or participants scan the QR Code?

📱 Any mobile device with a camera and connection to the internet.

Does this automatically mark the participant as attended?

☑️ Yes, once the organiser or the participant has scanned the QR code and logged in the participant will be automatically marked as attended.

If you send participants a QR code - are they all unique? 

©️ Yes, all participants will receive a unique code.