What is the Rewards feature?

Incentivise activity and participation with reward points and prizes across all features including reward point milestones and redemptions.

Use the Rewards feature to create your own reward scheme that rewards your participants for getting active.

➕ Add your own custom rewards, from merchandise and tickets – it can be anything you choose!


🌟 Rewards works across all Playwaze features, whether it’s points booking and attending an activity, entering or winning a competition, or reaching milestone and completing a challenge. Set each goal with you own point value.

🏅 As participants earn points and reach the required points to redeem a reward, we’ll notify them they’ve reached a reward milestone and they can choose to redeem their points or keep earning more for bigger and better prizes.

📊 Want to know who has earned points, what they’ve earned, and what rewards they’ve redeemed? We provide you with an out-the-box rewards report so you can easily keep track of your participants benefitting from your reward scheme, and work out which are you most popular rewards.