How to credit a member's account

Find out more about how to use of crediting account setting in your Payments Manager

🤔 Using the Playwaze credit settings allows you to add a balance to your members accounts. This may be useful for example instead of authorising a refund you can give credit to a member if they've not been able to attend the session they've previously booked. They can then use the credit to allow them to re-book one of your sessions in the future.


Here's some guidance for payment merchants who want to credit a members account:

        1. You will need to be a payment merchant (see here for more info
        2. Go to the payment section of the community 
        3. Click Payment Manager
        4. Search for the name of the person you would like to credit 
        5. Click the credit button on their name 
        6. Add how much you would like to credit the member and comment that they will see in the description. You can use the comment as a reason for why they are receiving the credit.
        7. Confirm the credit amount and save your comment.

Once you have credited their account, it should appear on balance, and the transaction with the comment will appear underneath the person's name. 


🚩: Credit will not appear for any session that isn't run by the person who has given them credit. For example, if the administrator that has credited the member booking a session is you, and the member tries to book a session that you aren't the organiser for, the credit will not apply. 


😮 Your members can also credit their accounts if they don't want to keep entering card details if they're a regular booker of your paid activities!