Setup and manage your bundles on your holiday activities

Give your participants discounted pricing when booking multiple days of your holiday activities in one go.


We've introduced booking Bundles for your holiday activities or camps.


If you're taking paid bookings for your holiday activities you will have the option to include booking bundles for your participants. This allows you to offer discounts for multiple sessions that are booked at the same time.



If your standard booking fee for you holiday activity days are £20.

Your first bundle could be for participants that book 3 days of your holiday activities. You may be happy to offer a 25% discount for those sessions - making them £15 per day as part of the 3 day bundle.

So the total costs for a participant would look a little something like:

👉 With your 3 day bundle the cost would be £45.

👉 If the participant books 2 days the cost would be £40.


ℹ️ You can set a maximum of 5 bundles for your participants.

ℹ️ You can set tiered pricing for your bundles, find out more here.


The option to add bundles appears in the payments section of your holiday activity creation menu it will allow you to enter your bundle information. All you will need to do is specify the number of bookings you want to include and the total cost of that bundle.